Bremer Appartmentvermietung

Shared Internet

There is a high-speed internet connection in the appartment. Everybody may use it for a small fee. It is free for tenants of the flat.

This is how it works...

If you are able to receive my wireless lan you may use it. Inside the appartment you will be able to receive the net without any problems, of course. But you should also be able to receive it within 10 or 20 Meters outside of the flat. (Up to 3 houses, probably).

The access point is located in Neukirchstraße, right next to the Findorff market. My w-lan is called "wlan_for_all". Simply connect your computer or our mobile phone with this hotspot. Of course, your device needs to be equipped with a w-lan function.

Using a browser, your device will then connect you to "Hotsplots". This company organises the sharing and the billing. You only need to register with Hotsplots and load your prepaid-account and then you can access the internet.

There are about 9 other hotspots of this kind in Bremen. One of them is at the "Litfass" and one at the "Drei Jahre" at the "Viertel". Once you have registered for an account you may also use those internet access points (at their rates).

Your advantage:

Fast: High-Speed transmission of up to 16.000 kbit/s".

Inexpensive: You pay 2 Euro per hour or a maximum (flatrate) of 14,95 per month.

No contract: You have no contract obligations, no minimun duration. No matter if you use the internet little or very much: you won't need your own access point.

Flexible: Once registered you may use your "Hotsplots"-account with many other access points all over Germany. (There is a map at Hotsplots showing the available access points).



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